Pistol 4 Ladies offers a variety of classes and private instruction

 As the Eugene, Oregon Chapter leader of, The Well Armed Woman, it quickly became clear there was  a big gap in what women versus men were offered in the world of firearms.

 When walking into a shooting range, often you feel you are walking into a man cave!                      Well, if you hang around for a while you would see that is not the case.                                        There are more women shooting today then ever before.

 The industry is taking notice. They are supplying us with firearms that fit our grip better, great  accessories to customize with and colors to put a woman's touch on our guns.                                  The possibilities are endless!!!


Classes and Fees

NRA Basic Pistol                                                                                     $85.00            This is an 8 hour course. It includes live range.                                                                                 The course can be divided into classroom time and range time to accommodate your   schedule.            

 If you complete this class and pass the safety and shooting test you will receive your paper work         for concealed carry permits. Includes Oregon and Utah.

Intro to Hand Guns                                                                                                   $50.00

       This class teaches you safety and how to handle a handgun.

       You will learn how to load and unload a handgun safely.

       Range time will be air soft pistols.

Private Instruction                                                                                      $25.00/hr                    There is a discount for groups.

NRA Phase 2                                                                                                             $75.00

If you choose to do the lesson plan, phase 1, on the internet, you can complete 

the Basic Pistol course with an instructor. This includes range time.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course                                                                              $25.00                          This is a course on home to handle firearms safely.

        How to store and care for firearms. This is a no live fire class.

♥ Discounts for The Well Armed Woman members ♥