Pistol 4 Ladies offer a variety of classes and individual training.

We can accommodate small private groups or offer public classes. 

The facility consist of a private classroom and an off-site members only range

  Pistol 4 Ladies hosts several clinics a year where specialized trainers are invited.

Check our schedules for clinics.


As the Eugene, Oregon Chapter Leader of, The Well Armed Woman, it quickly became clear there was a big gap in what women versus men were offered in the world of firearms. 

When walking onto a shooting range, often you feel you are walking into a man's cave! Well, if you hang around  for a while you would see that is not the case. There are more women shooting today then ever before.

The industry is taking notice. They are suppling us with firearms that fit our grips better, great accessories to customize and colors to put a woman's touch on our guns. The possibilities are endless!!!


   ♦ If a man defends a woman it is one time. If a woman learns to defend herself, it is a life time.

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