NRA Basic Gun Class With  Concealed Carry
(Oregon and Utah)

This class covers Basic Hand Gun and the basics you need to get your CHL. You will receive a NRA Basic Pistol Certificate, that you will need to apply for your CHL with. Range time is included.                                 You will need range supplies.
No live ammo in classroom
. Your pistol will be checked at the door.
Class time w/range 7-8 hours                   Cost:  $100.00

Intro To Hand Gun 

This class is designed to introduce you to two different types of hand guns. The revolver and the semi - auto. You will learn the safety rules, how to handle a firearm safely and start your fundamentals of basic pistol. There is no range time with this class. We will be using air pistols to practice fundamentals. No supplies are needed. If you have a firearm you wish to learn about you may bring it unloaded in a case. No live ammo in classroom. Your pistol will be checked at the door.
Class time: 3 hours                                    Cost: $35.00


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We offer many options. Plan private classes or attend one on the schedule.

 We offer private lessons. We will travel.
Cost: $25.00/hr

All our classes are geared towards self defense.
We will teach fundamentals and safety with one thing in mind; Survival.

Basic Hand Gun

This class is designed to teach you the safety and the fundamentals of shooting. We will be going over the safety rules and how to safely handle a gun. You will learn the pros and cons of the revolver and the semi-auto. How to choose a gun that fits you and meets your needs. You will practice the fundamentals before ever picking up your gun. Range time is included in this class. Range supplies are needed.                              No live ammo in classroom. Your pistol will be checked at door.
Class time w/range 6-8 hours                   Cost: $85.00