Gina grew up with firearms around her.

Whether for hunting, fun or sport.  Her parents were strong supporters of NRA.

" The schools taught firearms safety in the classrooms.    We lived in the country. Everyone owned and used a firearm".

Traveling the country, hauling kids and horses around, she felt comfort in knowing she could protect them. After 13 years on the circuit, she retired. This is when she started shooting again for fun.

   "The first thing I noticed when I would go to a range or store was the lack of women shooters."

The more I shot the more ladies I met that would like to learn, only shot with their husbands or felt  uncomfortable at the ranges.

I started teaching Intro to Handguns and Basic Pistol.

This grew into a chapter of "The Well Armed Woman". A nationwide organization for woman shooters.

Then we wanted ladies shooting matches.

Out of this grew "IWL Ladies". A ladies group that is part of  Izaak Walton League,

Eugene, Oregon Chapter.

We now have both monthly meeting and matches. Ladies have somewhere and somebodies to shoot  within a laid back, very safe environment.


 Ladies Having Fun 

 NRA Basic Pistol
 NRA Range Safety Officer
 NRA Home Firearm Safety